Vivid Dream.

Probably would crap my pants when I see this otr

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Lol not a fanboy. I'm not even arguing the merits of ride height or functionality, absolutely 100% all I'm saying is that *stance is a trend, not a long lasting style*.


'stance' or whatever you people want to call it has been around since the 70's, i'd say something that can stick around since then is more than a 'trend'. y'all are wild. explore car cultures outside of american standards, see what you find. not everything needs to be 'functional' to be fast. not everything needs to be fast to be cool. not everything needs to be 'cool' to be cool. car design is subjective, as is music, photography, paintings, and so many other forms of artwork. if something isn't 'your style' ignore and carry on with your day. don't make a big fuss over what your definition of 'style' is or what YOU consider trends. go drive your rally-spec subaru, sparky and let the hellaflush stance fags enjoy themselves.

rofl! Great response!